Are We Always Being So Messed Up ?


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Being Different, Making the right decisions or thinking rationally was never quite something that really brings out the best in me.
But nevertheless sometimes the outcomes of irrational decisions do turn out to be provisionally unique.
However over time we do ponder over the circumstances that led us to these decisions we eventually took, “Were they just a consequence of hastiness or we just procastrinated in the pressure of the situation?”
The realms of reality tend to get a cold shoulder from us all along until we wake up one day to find the very confines of our existence burnt down to the ashes.
What’s seemed to be something that maybe chosen in the most rational or progressive manner ended up in a catastrophe just because we seldom choose who & what deserves the ‘Right’ amount of Time and Attention in our lives.

The Desire of Reluctance


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Deep down inside her heart lay a question always unanswered,
Amidst the applauds from the masses, the path of glory she strode on, there always seemed that eerie emptiness that haunted every moment.
Anna had made the choices she thought would restrict her dreams from bring fulfilled, but deep within her heart of hearts she knew that letting go Love wasn’t the easiest decision to make,
But it was her capabilities as a career woman she had to prove to herself or perhaps her conscience, all which came but at the cost of something which was an inseparable part of her heart.
A day did not pass when Jason did not pass her head, he had never let her down always stood by her throughout the thick & thin of life, but when the time came to ask her to be with him till she grows old, her silence & reluctance to respond left him shattered
Little did he know that Anna was also fighting a battle of reluctance within her to say ‘Yes’ to him, as sometimes it’s evident that Silence does not speak a lot.

Anna sat back & cried a moment everyday but later she smiled also to herself saying she was the ultimate consequence of the turn of events due to the choices she made.
She had accomplished what very few women her age could, in a relatively short span of time but always it was just the reluctance to accept her emptiness that always haunted her.

Living progressively is a choice we all choose to make at some point in life, but the braver ones never look back at what cost them victory, just take hurdles, love & success as they come to you.
The human brain is blessed with the strongest power of will, it’s for us as individuals to harness it’s true potential.

Never Could I Hate You…


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I don’t Hate you,

I don’t Despise you,

I Never Could, I Never Can & I Never Will,

But the Silence Kills & Drains Me Out of Frills,

What Was Once a Burst Of Smiles & Laughter,

Now Just Seems like a Humble Resilience,

All That I would ever desire if those Innocent moments,

Rise Amidst all the Smoke, Would I find your smile & friendship….

Do you have such remarkably addictive ones in your life?

These addictive people drive life through the turns & bumps…life is so different without them…


“Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most of everything. They make you feel so alive that you’d follow them straight into hell, just to keep getting your fix.”

Karen Marie Moning, Shadowfever

Crazy Couple

Hope you’ll have such remarkably addictive ones in your life. 
Treasure them 🙂 


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A pledge for success…

Really a pledge worth taking…lovely 🙂

Poetically yours...

Far, far into the expanses of the world I wade,
Where dreams and ambitions never fade.
Fighting against the stormy waves of destiny,
Free myself I will off this tyranny.
Search I will for my paradise,
Through endless days and sleepy nights.
Force open I will the golden gates of hope,
With the many dreams of my heart I will elope.
Ride I will over life’s tempestuous seas,
A war of will I will wage with ease,
Till the fire of success will be mine…
And on me the radiant rays of prosperity will shine.

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The Delusion or just Idiosyncrasies


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The Delusion or just Idiosyncrasies

Wonder if Life would ever be a Pensieve,
When time stands still to value one voice or word which the Heart believes,
When each wish is just an apparition of the virtual persona we tend to cherish,
In Moments of Silence When the heart seems to find solace in just meagre words of consolation.

The Rocky Path Of Nostalgia…


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The Rocky Path Of Nostalgia...

The dried autumn leaf from the nearby tree swayed in the eerie silence of the wind & lay down upon the heap beside the still water, it wasn’t the only one in the hour of time that Anna spent near the lake every dusk for some moments to herself.
The days were always busy right from the moment she fell off her bed every morning amidst the haphazard mess that her humble abode had been, to running around at the cafeteria & trying to be the best host to the rustle & bustle of artists, businessmen, doctors etc. who patronised her cafeteria daily.
The penultimate years of her life hadn’t been the best of what she had expected them to be, she had lost almost everything that meant to be a life to her ‘Joey’. Being not so fortunate about getting parents love, Anna began here life on very difficult terms when she was home-schooled by her aunt as her parents departed way before she realized what the world looked like.
After years of struggling as a freestyle artist she managed to open a gallery of her own which never quite saw the light of many days, but yes that was special to her in many ways as that’s where she experienced the essence of love when he walked in accidentally one day to check if her gallery showcased the paintings of the legendary Qutroni Rocci,
She then got acquainted with him being an art enthusiast & he kept visiting her.
Just like any other teenage girl her age she did agree to him when he did gather the courage of asking her out, & not denying that she had the beautiful parades of her life then.
Anna for one began to feel that she was being re-born into a dream world where everything seemed to be a fairy tale, despite her gallery not doing well, she managed to open a small cafeteria which seemed to be earning her laurels despite her not so exquisite culinary skills or talent.
But this short lived happiness never saw the best of her, as Joey left town to a brighter career option in California.
Bidding goodbye wasn’t the easiest things that she could do, but what added to her misfortune is that she met with a fatal accident the very next day as she was completely lost without Joey & she ventured into a dark world of coma for a year.
One fine day she was blessed by a miracle to survive out of it & to her surprise reclaim her life from where it all left off & she was simply “clueless”.
The world she knew had deserted her like a worthless piece of flesh lying in a hospital ward. She ought to believe that she was in a long long sleep where time just did not seem to stand still…
She resurrected from her worst fears & got back her cafeteria through all her toil & struggle but life just didn’t seem to be in place, it was just empty as a vacuum.
It has been 6 months since she woke up from that nightmare, everyday did she walk down the same lane beside the lake & tried to get to terms with the nostalgia that made her ever so emotional always…
Was it that she had lost a life or was it that she took to long to realise what Joey meant to her, as despite the attempts she just hoped against all odds that she ever could meet him one day & tell him that…
The tears down her innocent cheeks only we’re witness to the pain that this nostalgia brought with it…