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We always seem to suppress emotions to the extent that it eventually leads to either a memorable end
Or just a sporadic outburst of them in the End.
You may walk past her everyday,
Waiting for a moment to see her smile,
or Long to Even hear the words ‘Hi’ or ‘Thanks’ from her lovely lips

And wander past the streets on the day you just missed a glimpse of her,
Feeling so lost as ever
Just because you Never gathered up the courage to confess
how much you Adored & loved her.

You loved her when you first saw her happily grabbing a bite at lunch although
you never had a morsel that day however hungry you were,

the day she was helpless in the rain & you walked her home,
the days when she looked fabulous or
even the days she looked terribly unkempt with her lovely hair undone…
The fact is that you Loved her just from the Moment You First Saw Her Because that’s when you knew what “Love” ever was…
She Was Just the Epitome of Perfection you ever knew…no one else could ever come close…
Even when suddenly she walked away silently leaving your world desolate.

She will always remain the ONE