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Deep down inside her heart lay a question always unanswered,
Amidst the applauds from the masses, the path of glory she strode on, there always seemed that eerie emptiness that haunted every moment.
Anna had made the choices she thought would restrict her dreams from bring fulfilled, but deep within her heart of hearts she knew that letting go Love wasn’t the easiest decision to make,
But it was her capabilities as a career woman she had to prove to herself or perhaps her conscience, all which came but at the cost of something which was an inseparable part of her heart.
A day did not pass when Jason did not pass her head, he had never let her down always stood by her throughout the thick & thin of life, but when the time came to ask her to be with him till she grows old, her silence & reluctance to respond left him shattered
Little did he know that Anna was also fighting a battle of reluctance within her to say ‘Yes’ to him, as sometimes it’s evident that Silence does not speak a lot.

Anna sat back & cried a moment everyday but later she smiled also to herself saying she was the ultimate consequence of the turn of events due to the choices she made.
She had accomplished what very few women her age could, in a relatively short span of time but always it was just the reluctance to accept her emptiness that always haunted her.

Living progressively is a choice we all choose to make at some point in life, but the braver ones never look back at what cost them victory, just take hurdles, love & success as they come to you.
The human brain is blessed with the strongest power of will, it’s for us as individuals to harness it’s true potential.