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You may call it something inevitable, a known drug, a symbiotic characteristic that defines the personality of every human being
However much we may deny that we don’t look upto it but it flows in our veins…
Some feel they are born,
Some feel relationships need them to exist,
Others claim “Do I know what they are?”
Expectations aren’t something I for one was ever bound by, it’s just that as life progresses, there comes a time when they become a part of you either being bound by it or indebted to someone close with them.

As long as they remain within the bounds of practicality life seems to just walk along the carpet of petals, but when the imbalance begins to surge it leads to the insanity of arguments, ignorance or just broken bonds.
But nevertheless, this consequence always keeps you content in the long-run as they make you differentiate the things & the people that matter the most to you…
So, expectations are the villain they turn out to be, it’s just that they need to be used with some sort of an instruction manual…
In the end it always boils down

The choices you make define you & your life