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Yeah…indeed…the first attempt at getting back to expressing myself after may I say an interim hibernate period or something of the sort.

An evening walk down to the theatre to catch a screening of the Ron Howard film just left me with a lot of thoughts worth pondering over. Being a professional my life may not travel at 350 miles/hour but the implications that the sport of F1 does in all terms pertain to all spheres of life.

Regardless of our profession, we do live at the brink of uncertainty, whether that maybe pertaining to self-satisfaction or growth or whatever maybe, it’s just that it’s really late when we actually tend to realise the boiling trouble we land up in.


Every face of Life has a Niki Lauda, when we have a passion, a conviction to achieve something we are born to, but it’s the road blocks that hinder any journey that never make us go for it.

What was really intriguing to me , is that even facing defeat due to a corner at F4 never extinguished Niki’s desires to proving his capability & skills of being exquisite at what he believed in he was good at, but circumstances always brought him face to face with James for whom being the ‘Best’ mattered as long as he had all the attention, the girls & booze drooling over him.
It was truly a Duel Between ‘A Perfectionist’ & ‘A Playboy’.

Niki Lauda practicing at the Nürburgring durin...

Niki Lauda practicing at the 1976 German Grand Prix. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For James, just like many one of us in life, complacency was all that was with him always, never did he feel he was pushed against the wall until James wakes up to find himself lying in his palatial penthouse without his super-model wife & without a team to drive for.

On the other hand Niki believed he had a well calculated & perceived life with his beloved wife, got himself in Ferrari the most cherished F1 team & went along winning titles keep his target as never letting James get past him.


Bang !!! in order to prove himself & get past James did Niki end get himself charred in the F1 car in a massive accident, which both drivers always feared death…they knew they were riding a blazing coffin at 330 mph on the tracks.

The crash being so intense that Niki suffered severe burns in his face just due to the crazy decision James had made in the drivers meeting to race on a wet track just to prove Niki wrong.


This decision backfired really badly on James facing his guilt of what happened to be his responsibility which was obvious when he whacked a reporter who poked fun at Niki’s post-crash appearance at a press conference, however subsequently James did take the lead in the championship while Niki fought for his life in the hospital with the fire burning within him to prove a point, just to get out & race all over again which was his passion.

He managed to get out & race despite his poor visibility but ‘Racer’s Instinct’… to which NIKI got a standing ovation by the crowds.
In the end James won the championship, but not before Niki pushed him to it.
But as Niki says in so many words in RUSH ‘We Are Champions in our own ways as We Compete to BE WHAT WE ARE’.

final goodbye

In their own terms both Niki Lauda & James Hunt were champions but just keep proving their Best to the world in the face of defeating the other.