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This thursday was just another sunny day in Scotland, a perfect catch for those canvas shoes & the football crazy guys….
Yeah, I was one of them this time, perhaps it was a tad too uneasy for me with my defending & striking skills,
I too donned the shorts this time & walked into the Goals Soccer Grounds, it was gonna be a game of football after a long good break of 6 years,
so flying kicks the air, rolling on the ground & the football swooshing pash my legs wasn’t something that I didn’t expect, but what commenced was a lovely game which made me demanding for more once it ended.
Not to forget that I had some really supportive & talented colleagues : Kamran, Jim, Ricard, Matt, Alan etc who didn’t make me feel out of place despite the near misses & flying kicks in the air 😀
I couldn’t quite help but laughing at myself noticing the ball going in the exact opposite direction.


As always every football match has its “side-effects” which is nothing new, we had a player down in the first minute in an ankle sprain from a tackle, but it didn’t seem quite one of the guys to give up Kamran was back on his foot & blazing away with the ball.


The other casualties did exist like Richard falling on his wrist over me trying to defend the ball without me noticing him from behind. 😦

Nevertheless, it was an hour of amazing sports with laughs here & there and some good sporting spirit.

I finished off without much ado not scoring even a single goal despite having a close shave at almost three direct hits & did pretty well defending the goal by getting battered by the ball a tad too often :D.
The match ended on a good note, with our team losing by a goal ( 5-4 ).
All went good for a match after so long for me,  just hope the Richard’s wrist get’s well soon before he comes with the ball or bat 😛 after me 😦 hehe…..
Looking forward to a many more matches & getting back my much lost footie form in the weeks to come…


“Rome wasn’t built in a day neither would I ever become a Messi Overnight” hahaha 😀