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I’m Alive…

Clogged roads, honking traffic and a sea of umbrellas fighting through,
It was a usual busy rainy Saturday we are so used to.
Grumbling away at the messy sidewalks, a quick swear at the arrogance of the taxi driver,
A lousy day at work, messy wet clothes and a yearning to reach home faster…
How often have we cursed our stars through the day
How often has it been so easy to just give up and fall to depressing routine so easy a prey
Sipping through a mocha at a wayside coffee shop,
I watched the bustling city chug away past showing no signs to stop.
My mind sifted through thoughts of the monotonous moves of life,
Rain or no rain, every day continues to bring with it its share of strife.
And then I saw her toothy smile as she held onto her mamma’s hand and past…

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