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A rather sunny day out as I sip my cup of coffee in the cafe,
Do I feel the subtle silence all around or is it just the silence that echoes deep within ?
I know I have said things, done things I just don’t mean, but just never did the restraint ever fall in,
Never did choice govern spontaneity at the heat of the hour & it was mere temper that played the villain always ,

Yeah, I did eventually prove & achieve what I yearned for..but all at a cost I won some I lost some, but there wasn’t a moment that the scars of the losses didn’t hurt

The pleasure of wins did always motivate the step on the mountain despite all the broken anklesThat was yesterday I never doubt why it was or how it was but  I did wonder why there never ought to be another time,

Today I relate the calmness of the water in the sea to my state of mind & realise the Choice is always mine & there  is no second chance, “You either Burn it or Let It Burn You”


The Silence, Solitude & my Soul has always been my companion through the Fall , But now even the RIse seems incomplete without them…

The World of some beautiful people & children, I see just fade in & out as the light shines across the glass.

That’s what I have earned after all this, some call it the conspicuous beginning of the end.

But I say the Beginning is still far far away, that the power of my self-belief 

Regardless of how calculative, subdued, or promising the world calls you, the Ability to Rise in Your Own Limits is still bestowed deep within you…”This is your Today” !