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The Words Last Said Always Matter...

A minute of silence, a glimpse better not shared, two hearts that couldn’t beat harder or feet & hands that went cold …
These are some of the very words which describe every moment when you can’t just let them go away from.

I never seem to understand how complicated things get, but when you actually land up in a situation when the odds just fall against you, whether its time, distance, the sequence of events combined with our “essential crazy Ego” (which we always regret) that you throw up the shields in your defence.

The years of Love, Care, Understanding, Oneness all crumble regardless of how deeply engraved they are.

Agitation which is the quickest defence of the human mind takes guard & in the rage of Words which may not pay any heed to, we End up destroying the Castle that took years to be constructed brick by brick.

The Pain maybe considerably negligible at the moment when you last held their hand & called it a day, but what may subside in the minutes, hours , days & years to come will be so dreadful that they question your existence till the moment you breathe you last.

The Words of a heavy heart :: “May you always be happy in life & may the charm of your Smile blow away the tears that may ever come”, “May the day of night pass by, I will always wish you prosper” & many more …..

It maybe easy to weigh each word, each sentence , every phrase spoken in some sad sombre moment, but later in the darkness of solitude those very words echo like a trumpet ,making you guilty of every action or reaction ever made or words ever muttered to them. There won’t be a hand to grasp in the hazy storm that you have been life in standing helplessly.

Believe it or Not , deep within you some people really implant a seed of Trust, Belonging, Worthiness that regardless of being a partner, a best friend, a brother or a sister, they are , will & always be inseparable from your life

However much you want to deny it… !!! so never be too late that you need to pay the price of regret some day or lifelong.