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The Ray of light breaks out from the dull & dreary confines of the overcast skies hoping to rise above all.
Little does it know that there are a million hearts out there would look upto it to see what may come of it.
I always believe how much ever I say that I leave the sequence of events to destiny but deep down there’s always a small molecule of faith in the hope of goodness.
Some small feeling saying that something good is expected, whether she would say yes or whether I would get the job or will the bad times shy away soon…
Wishes :: they are numerous of them
The fact is that every sign of hope is just a seed implanted in our subconscious mind for our deepest desires from time or the events preceding the inevitable.
Its always never too late to start believing in “Yourself”, boost your morale, self-confidence & face things the Way they come…rather than live in the anticipation of miracles to happen when your Heart knows they may not…what has to happen will find a way to happen someway another despite trying everything to change it.

Remember there is always light you can see at the end of the tunnel & there is always an oasis you spot in the desert…
But take some time & think its always for you to decide before whether the light is an illusion or the oasis was only a mere mirage…
Strangely ironic at times isn’t it? …