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The Desire of a journey called life

A weekend begins, just thought of taking sometime timeout from a otherwise dreary schedule of work and all & chose to catch a relatively recent Indian Bollywood movie ‘Yeh Jawaani Hain Diwaani’, which wasn’t with much ado really refreshing.
Walking out of the cinemas, did leave me pondering for ideas which I guess to some extent were buried deep within me until they were touched by some delicate or would I say some simple words.
I realized that it was true in many ways that when we grow from toddlers where we meagerly know what we wish or expect from life, to becoming the grown up ‘Elders’ we are, we forget the very definitions of LIFE is actually meant to be.
As we come along the path of progressing towards what we consider the epitome of happiness & joy we fail or would I say never think to care that it was all attained at what cost.
Feelings, Emotions or moments of joys may be momentary but people or those individuals who may in unsaid words of love or care touch you in someway are the molecules of constructing the foundations of your ‘DREAM LIFE’.
We Play, Be Stubborn in many ways, Do Crazy things, Hurt them but at the end of the day, you may be on the top of the World but the Love & Feelings your parents have for you will never change, because you are the air they breathe.
Even the slaps, the punches ,the swearing would never stop your best friends / siblings from  grabbing a drink even in the happiest or the most screwed up deadlocks in your life.
Even though the World may not be the same you see it 25 years from now, but in the quest to attaining your pre-defined dreams or desire of the perfect ‘Life’, its time to live the SIMPLE Aspects of Life.
If you felt you were in love, don’t run away from it, because living without it is also being a coward not to see her in the eye & tell her “How Beautiful She Is”

People Who mean to Change your Life in Many Ways are indeed your Guides to the Simple Journey of Life…you may not be always happy but those moments will never be worth forgetting… 🙂

Its Your Life…Go Live It…but you may just tell me if I was right in some way 🙂