Missing you…

Missing you has been like
Wishing to cry & not having enough tears,
Wishing to paint the colors of the rainbow & having lost my eyes to see anymore,
Wanting to take back a conversation when you haven’t ever had the words to have one,
Walking out in the rain & expecting to return dry,
Longing for a droplet if water when marooned on an island,
Its like having a million words to say or feel,
But not saying a word at all as there is no ‘You’ around…


I see you…

I see you across the corridor,
Over days of missing you,
The elegance of your presence flatters me,
The beauty of your impeccable smile leaves me in limbo of a heaven that wasn’t discovered,
The shine of your glimmering hair leaves the path brightened with nothing but your gracious presence.
Rapunzel, Cinderella all seem to be your distant fairytale clones…
Never could I ever ask for a day well spent in the dream of a glimpse of your stride past me… #BeautyataGlimpse #Fairy #LoveatFirstSight

Life is You


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Crystal droplets of an angel crying,
Tears of sadness have filled your eyes,
The pain, hurt & struggle of life;
Can be replaced with your love.
You were born with a true heart;
Never let life’s sorrow tear you apart.
Your Soul is strong & never weak;
You must fly and always shine.
Pick Urself up to a higher place,
You’re an angel that can’t be replaced,
The sky is looking up at you,
You must fly beyond the sky
~ ❤ you always ~

The Secret behind it…


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There is a matter that almost comes to my lips,
This is evident in my eyes.
Sometimes from you, sometimes from me,
They ask for words,
To take their shape and come to my lips
And to be embraced by my voice.
But this matter
Is a feeling…only a feeling,
Floating in air like fragrance,
Fragrance becomes its voice,
That you know of,
That I know of,
It’s not hidden from the world,
Don’t know what kind of secret is this…

Glimpse of her smile


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A glimpse her smile across the floor made the heat feel like raindrops on flowers…Breathtaking…Beautiful…speechless.

Her beauty seemed like a ravishing mermaid rising out of the oceans with serenity…

The Spanish red beauty ravishing like a full moon shining through a cloudy night sky…

No matter what wonders my eyes see everyday, Nothing compares to the calmness I feel when I look at her…

Natural, Subtle, Serene & Simple distinguished from the rest…

A sensational feeling which Words also may not be able to describe